Teaser for next week!

19 Feb

So here is how I plan to run this thing:

I will make a serious effort to write to y’all three times a week between the days of Monday and Friday and on Saturday, I will give a sneak peek of any planned posts for the next week. And guess what? Today is Saturday and I have planned posts. Are you ready for this? Of course you are. You’re ready for anything. 😉

Dog Days: I’ll be sharing some helpful tips I learned from my first adventure at a dog park! Simple ways to get your dogs comfortable in a new and exciting atmosphere, tips on avoiding not-so-well-behaved critters, and proper owner etiquette.

Nesting Habits: Inexpensive and easy (EASY!) ways to DIY your decor and add more color to your walls and furniture.

Healthy Body: Need some help motivating yourself to stay on a fitness routine? I may have some tricks up my sleeve.

That’ll be all for next week! See you then and enjoy yourselves a little this weekend, okay?

Oh, ooohhhh! Check this out if you’re interested. My photographer-for-life (Melody Kristensen of Aria Images Photography) was kind enough to blog my wedding!
Wedding blogged!


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