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26 Feb

Next week will be less structured and have fewer advice or How-To pieces. I want this to be a versatile blog that celebrates my achievements while making room to discuss inspiration and aspirations and the very important difference between the two. So the posts coming up will deal more with internal struggles and fueling creativity. These are big issues for me at present because I am in a very large state of transition and sometimes starting a new journey can effectively reset or bury your passions. Here’s what you can look forward to, longingly with watering mouths:

The Creative Habit: “You must be present to win,” so sometimes success hinges on just showing up and doing what you do, whether it sucks or it’s brilliant.

The Power of No: Letting your affirmations overshadow the negativity in your life.

Nesting Inspirations: Some ideas I’d like to put into action around the house.

Thanks for sticking with me so far and enthusiastically participating in the adventure, if only vicariously!

This is Luca telling me it's time to get off the computer.


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