Planning a Home

3 Mar

Hubs and I have been operating on a little more money than usual and that’s given me some room to fantasize about home decor.

Last week, I ordered some art to get us started in the living room and soon I’ll be looking for some frames to hang our (wedding) photographs. There are two main areas that need the attention in our funny living area: one, the area above my desk and two, the walls on either side of our guest room door.

The wall over our computer area is going to become the home for our wedding pictures because I sit here a lot during the day and, most importantly, it’s probably the first wall you would look at coming into our home.We’ll probably mix in a bit of vintage-style art and some artifacts from our wedding day to create a multi-faceted, mosaic-like display.

The areas on either side of the door to our “guest room” (which is really more like a giant closet for us) are actually symmetrical.


So I’ve devised a plan to use the art I ordered to make similar displays on both sides likes this one:

Oo, that shoe organizer would be nice to have.

On the note of shoe organization, we have a precarious issue with our kicks. We have absolutely no room in our closets for them so they’ve wound up on a rack by the door.

The eye sore of a corner.

I’ll have to really plot this solution out. This corner is more or less dead space in our L-shaped living room and is currently being used as my home yoga area. I have plans to somehow clean it up, stash our shoes, add a plant for some living zen, and overall make the area more comfortable for stoic exercise.

We’re also in dire need of some shelving for our DVD’s and books. I’m lusting over these shelves on etsy but at $95/each, they’re going to remain just that.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

My desk area is the most embarrassing in this awkward, yellow room of mine. My chair has been used several times to paint and is covered in primer and color. I have plans to re-upholster the cushion and spray paint the wood a nice green color.


Poor, abused chair.

In the background you can spot another disorganized mess. We could use a proper, but small place to stash our home office supplies and records. I’m still searching for solutions on this note too. I’d like to put another plant in this corner too.

All this sums up the project that is my living room. We’ve still got a ways to go in this room but we’ve also come a long way. Check out my new pillow covers of wonder!



She's gonna get the kitty.

I’m in love with chevron stripes!

Okay, okay. I know I’ve given you image overload today and about things that aren’t even that interesting. These are my plans for making my rental into a home, beginning in the very first room. Anyone have some ideas on how to achieve the improbable and come up with a cheap shoe storage device?:D


2 Responses to “Planning a Home”

  1. vwsweetie2003 March 4, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    Well, I bet “Hubs” could make that very shoe organizer; it looks pretty easy to me!
    Same with those $95 (that’s ridiculous!) Etsy shelves!!
    Let me look around to see if I have some office storage solutions tomorrow when I get out in Vince’s garage attic.
    I will get back with you on this!
    Lookin’ good though!

    • Intrepid Girl March 4, 2011 at 1:20 am #

      Thanks, Traycee! That’s really nice of you. 🙂

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