The Show-stopping Third Week

5 Mar

Hello, all you diligent and beautiful readers. You’ve been great to me so far and I’m afraid the title for this next week is meant to be ironic. With the upcoming release of one of my most anticipated games, Dragon Age 2, I’m likely to be less zealous in my posting. However, I’m going to give it the old college try. Next week is going to be even more specifically about me and my experiences. Here’s what you can anticipate:

Video games and their prime location in my heart: I’ll dig into my reasoning for the second biggest passion of my life. It may surprise you.

The ways that marriage has made me a better person: Lessons learned in the first, hard months.

More, more, more decorating: I barely need provocation to talk about nesting but most of the art I ordered is here and I’ll be laying it out next week. I’m bound to keep you updated. I just can’t help myself.

But let’s go ahead and re-examine my original list to see what I’ve already accomplished this year.

“2. Find gym and get on a schedule for exercise”

Check. I take classes at my gym at least three times a week.

“4. Walk the dogs more often”

I walk them both three days a week and alternate taking them to the dog park for another three. (So they get exercise everyday but Sunday…although sometimes on Sunday too.)

“5. Find the right hairstyle”

Got it! Hooray!

“10. Go to church more often.”

Sundays, Wednesdays, and lunch with the ladies on Thursdays. I love our new church!

“19. Start a blog. (Riiiight?)”

Done and doner.

Aw, man. Only five? I thought I was doing better than that. Well, it’s a good start.

What have you accomplished lately? Let’s celebrate together and have a community high-five!


One Response to “The Show-stopping Third Week”

  1. vwsweetie2003 March 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    Well, I think those are MAJOR accomplishments! Think about it; most only make ONE of those things their New Year’s resolution. You have a check mark next to FIVE things!!
    So, to you question…
    1. Art school
    2. Pure eating by the end of the year
    Not doing so well at this, but I am known to crunch as I near the deadline (HA!)

    So I am pretty interested in hearing about passion #2. I have always thought it was interesting that you were a gamer. And the games you are in to has always made me grin a bit! Do tell!

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