The Long Road to Home

11 Mar

Happy Friday, readers! I hope your own intrepid journeys are well underway and going smoothly toward your destination/s.

This week I’ve had plenty of enthusiasm for goal number fifteen, “make more time for gaming,” and nothing else, really. Today I slipped out of my gaming chair to go shopping for picture frames and wound up buying a few things for my spring wardrobe instead. Oops! Anyway, what I learned is that I’m picky even about something as simple as frames. Also, they can be pretty expensive.

Next week I’m going to work on finding some simple, sturdy frames within my budget and painting them to be a little more fascinating. In the mean time, I have some art to share and another sneaky tip for making your own.

Greeting Cards!

Ooooo, Aaaaah!

Many artists (at least on etsy) make their prints available on greeting cards and they’re usually dirt cheap. This one was a tad more pricey because it’s letterpress (the holy grail of printmaking!).

Another in the same size. I can't resist 60's folk art.

These were each around $4 and are almost 4×6 so they should work well for framing. From the same artist, I purchased a pack of six smaller cards.

I have two of each of these and that makes me deliriously happy because, if you haven’t noticed, I love to play with symmetry and balance. The pack came in around $12 and, again, that’s because they’re letterpress. I fell in love with this artist because of her modern renditions of dutch-style bohemian art. If you’re into that niche, check her out!

I continued my search in the bohemian vein and finally indulged in buying some art from Katie Daisy, whose shop, The Wheatfield, was one of my first loves on Etsy. She’s a North Carolina-based artist who plays with whimsical typography.

See what I mean? I bought two 8×10 prints for $15 each.

And two greeting cards in 5×7 for $6 each. If you love her style too, her blog is linked on the sidebar.

I’ll probably be arranging these along with a few photos on the wall leading into the guest room/giant closet. Ah! I can’t wait!

So now I need your help again. Hubs and I are beginning to move into the dining room with our renovations and I don’t know what to do about paint color. Our dining room is actually very cute but with the white ceramic tile and white walls, white cabinetry and woodwork, it comes across very cold. (Literally, your feet will freeze walking through there in the winter!)

Yes, Luca really does get in every shot.

I want to take the warmth of the hardwood and put it on the walls so I found a color set that I think blends everything nicely.

Problem is, I like the lighter color (Valspar Brioche) most but think it’s too close to the color in the living room. I really like the darker color too but I’m afraid it’s too dark and I have to fight the image of a muddy river when I look at it. (Ewww, mud between my toes!!) I’m hoping I can have the nice people at Lowe’s help me find middle ground but what do you think?


2 Responses to “The Long Road to Home”

  1. vwsweetie2003 March 11, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    Even lighter (in the same family) than the color you have in your living room will make your kitchen feel buttery warm! It will look nice with the whites. Orrrrrrr, pick one of those FABULOUS colors off of one of your cards!! The light teal or green color is great, but I don’t know what is in the rest of your house!
    Looking good though!

    • Intrepid Girl March 12, 2011 at 12:39 am #

      I’m really skeptical about using anything but a neutral, earthy color in the dining room. I feel like it’ll be color overload if I line up two vibrant shades. I feel like it should be a warm tone too because this side of the house gets a ton of sunlight.
      I think I just need to get some little sample cans.

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