The Path Ahead

12 Mar

The dogs sleeping by my feet while I write to you.

Fellow adventurers, I have some good stuff for you next week! You want to see? Okay, but only because you asked so nicely.

The Publishing Process: I’ve already told you how it feels to call yourself a writer but next week, I’ll share the (somewhat long) process of finding a home for the things I write.

The Problem with “Supposed to Be’s”: One of the most poisonous thoughts and how you can re-train yourself to fully enjoy the way things are, no matter what.

Bookcase Workshop: I’ve been needing a new bookcase for, oh, months, but can’t seem to find one that really appeals to me. Next week I’m going to buy a simple one and show you some easy ways to add your own unique features.

In the meantime–Does this look like the perfect sleeping arrangements for any other couples in the room?

The thing I miss most about being single is sleeping alone. I know most people probably have opposite feelings but what I can say? I’m a selfish sleeper. The Eastern Europeans have a really appealing solution for me with a set of covers for each person on a shared bed.

It’s not super pretty but it could always be covered with a top blanket and what’s more beautiful than a peaceful slumber?


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