Bookcase Blues

18 Mar

I know I promised everyone that I would have some tips for jazzing up a simple bookcase…and I do…just not in completed form. Hubs and I were a little busier this week than we anticipated so he hasn’t been able to put the bookcase together. To complicate things even more, the resources that I would need and thought would be easy to find have not been so forthcoming in this town. (Did I mention that I live in a shopping-black hole?) But since I know you’re all so interested (ha!), I’ll show you what I bought today and some examples of my plans.

Firstly, here is something simple and cheap: Spray paint. Couldn’t be easier, right? Before you assemble the bookcase, lay out the pieces (outside) on a tarp that’s been draped over a fence or the porch for backing. It should look like an L when you’re standing to the side, looking at it. If you’re really paranoid like me, you can wear a mask while you spray it. Spray about six inches from whatever you’re painting for optimal coverage. For more tips, look here: Spray Paint Like a Pro.

I’ve chosen a lipstick red for mine because it’s modern and bold and a little feminine, I think.

Something that I picked up from Lowe’s today: Pre-made Molding. A couple years ago I was reading The Big Badass Book of Crafts, when I saw a project that appealed to me. It used molding screwed into the top of a plain headboard to create the look of something fancy. When I imagined my own project, it immediately came to my mind as a possible solution. Check out what I settled on:


This set only ran me $13 and they can be arranged in several ways to give simple furniture interest. Like I said, they can be found at Lowe’s in the molding section. This particular set was meant for screen doors. I think it’ll have an even better home than that.

Feel free to gawk at my video game collection. It is a marvelous thing.

A third idea: Gift wrap backing. You could line the backing of the shelves with some pretty wrapping paper. All you need is a pattern you like, some spray adhesive, and measuring and cutting tools.You could also use fabric or possibly paint a background. Here is an image of a shelving unit that’s had the back painted and the shelves wrapped:

Wonderful, no? Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

I haven’t been able to find a wrapping paper that I like so I may use the extra fabric from my DIY art panels.

You like so far? I’ll try really hard to have some version of  a finished project next week for you. In the meantime, check out the dining room situation.

Last week I polled you about what color I should choose and the results were evenly split. Not so helpful. I tried out the lighter color (Valspar’s Brioche) and thought that the colors were too close, exactly as I feared.

You can't even see a difference, right?

So I went back today and picked something pretty close but darker (Valspar’s Hazelnut Coffee). This is the comparison with two coats:

Getting warmer.

I love the color but I’m still not sure it’s dark enough. In real life, you can see a difference while also recognizing they’re similar. I think it carries the hardwood’s warmth well enough but…just don’t feel completely sold. It’s also a little more brown than the picture suggests but not too much. What do you think?


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