Competing with the NCAA for your attentions: It’s the fourth week!

19 Mar

I know everyone is getting hyped for Tournament Week, which for me is a time when I get a lot of alone-type-things done. Hubs gets the TV and I get peace and the white noise of Come-on’s and Really’s. It looks like my half-crazed partner may be going on some very long and…sticky trips in the near future so I’m planning to be by myself for the next couple weeks just in case.

So next week might be a good time to introduce myself as a very apathetic passenger in the military-life car. Here’s what to look for:

The Reluctant Military Wife: That’s my title. I’ll fairly and patiently explain the pro’s and con’s of this lifestyle.

Stewards of the Earth: Trying to be a good citizen of Planet Earth can be really easy. I’ll share some every day ways that Hubs and I try to cut down on our environmental impact.

The Return of the Bookcase: The hopefully harrowing tale of the bookcase that just wouldn’t quit.

By the way, thanks readers for the 307 views! May your favorite teams win and your faith in the sports universe be restored. 🙂


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