Hope for a Bookcase

25 Mar

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have relaxing and fun plans for the weekend. Personally, I’m going to meet some friends for a ballet tomorrow and I am PSYCHED!  I’ve had a bit of a crush on ballet since that time I tried martial arts (remind me to tell you about it sometime) and started watching bits of Twyla Tharp choreography to make the movements more…graceful. Ahhh, those were good times.

Oh! Back to the post, I guess?

Well, I tried to have a treat ready for you by finishing my bookcase but I’ve had yet another set back. The paper I picked to cover the shelves…didn’t work out. It’s okay if you want to be reminded of your teenage years eating that zebra stripe gum in English class, but not for a piece that I want to be grown-up and fun at the same time.

Here are the pictures:


Not so bad from this angle right? Wait for it.

I bought a cheapo bookcase from Wal-mart for about $15. I know I said I was going to spray paint it but hubs put it together before I could say, “oooh, you weren’t supposed to do that yet.” The backing doesn’t come off without tearing it apart either soooo…white it will remain. Which brings me to lesson one:

Don’t even hint to the man of the house that you bought something that needs putting-together. The temptation may be too much.

Anyway, the color issue isn’t much of a set back because I figured that with a matching one on the other side, (that I will cleverly use to hide those shoes I hate in the open) they could look something like built-in’s. You know, with work. I like the lower bookcases too as opposed to the big tall ones. Even though I would have room to use my books and office things more creatively in a taller one, they almost always look bulky and awkward.

And boom goes the dynamite.

I bet you see the problem now. Tip number two:

Busy print is for small things such as shoe boxes and…I don’t what else. Just not bookcases. Siiiigh, just trust me.

I located a replacement paper this morning and will probably change it out tomorrow or Sunday. Here’s a couple things I learned while diligently wrapping these two adjustable shelves:

Wrapping paper is not, and probably never can be, an exact science. It doesn’t really care what you want it to do. It will not lay completely flat, it will bunch at the corners, and it certainly will not cling to 90 degree angles.

Shelf-wrapping is a two person job. You probably will do better to have someone hold the paper tight while you tape it. Hubs has another project to help me with. 🙂

I’ll definitely have this thing completed next week and will share the outcome. We’ll throw a victory party.

I’m going to cut out on you now because I know you’ve had enough of me this week. I’ll be dropping some teasers tomorrow and I think next week will be a good one. I’ll see you then!


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