Entering Week 5: Time to Celebrate!

27 Mar

I know I was a little delinquent yesterday when I didn’t post the teasers for next week so let me say I’m sorry for falling down on my commitment. Last week was one of the worst for me so far but I’ve had my girl time this weekend and I’m ready to move forward. To live in spite of our hard times, next week I’m going to write some celebratory posts about owning who you are, taking real steps to being healthier and happier, and completing well-fought achievements.

You ARE “That Girl”: Re-programming your thought process to imagine yourself as the person you want to be.

Healthier Living Habits, Volume Two: Taking real care of yourself without feeling selfish or overly-girly.

Conquering the Bookcase: I’m calling it quits on this project of mine by Friday, one way or another. (Because two and a half weeks is far more than it deserves.)

So I hope all of you who are discouraged and burdened will find encouragement this week. May you all persevere and steadily pursue your goals, taking pleasure in the small things and finding comfort in those who love you.

Happy Sunday. Take some well-deserved rest.


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