Project Disappointment

1 Apr

Happy Friday, readers!  Well, maybe not so happy for me. I’m sad to say I still don’t feel super wonderful and I just haven’t been up to finishing my bookcase, which means for the second week, I’m putting off a project that should have only taken a couple days. I’m sorry about that but I hope you all understand that I need to take care of myself before I go shopping and crafting myself into an energy pit. I’ll also be visiting my family this weekend so I won’t be doing a teaser post tomorrow. I know! I just ruined your whole weekend! I hope you’ll all recover, though, and join me next week for more nerdy fun when I’ll be talking about cleaning out your life and stripping away the bulk that slows you down.


Also, more seriously–thank you, readers, for the 430 views and virtual high-fives that those represent to me. You are amazing. I hope your journeys are filled with love and support.


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