How Does Your Garden Grow?

4 Apr

Just to update anyone who was worried: it appears that my medical problems are a result of a vitamin D deficiency. It’s a strange conclusion since I actually get a pretty healthy amount of it in my diet between my cereal in the morning and yogurt snacks, but it explains some things and it should be easy to fix. Vitamin D is produced by your body as it processes sunlight so it’s not a stretch to say I just need to photosynthesize a little longer and maybe take some supplements. Anyway, I have a follow-up exam on Friday to discuss my test results and some options for treatment… which means I get to have another degrading talk with my doctor. Hooray.

So! With the results in hand, I’m even more glad that Hubs and I got started on our garden this weekend! I’ve been excited for springtime since we moved in and have been too paranoid to plant before the unexpected freeze we always seem to get when we least expect it in this state. Now that it’s passed, we both set to work on prepping the yard.

Will planned:

Then while he was shopping for materials, I dredged a couple bushes that didn’t want to be dredged:

Then the materials came and Will started building our two raised beds while I continued digging things up:

And Marco helped:

And at the end of the day on Saturday, we had two raised beds and half the yard uprooted:

I was tired but so happy that we finally accomplished one of my major goals from our home improvement list. It was work but the weather was lovely and I didn’t get even a little dirty–something that shocks even me– and we had some TCBY afterward as reward.

What I like about gardening is that the process is always a surprise, you can change your mind as often as you can afford, and the results of your hard work are growing, gorgeous things that everyone can see and appreciate.

You don’t always know what to expect when you’re digging in unknown ground. The soil could be terrible, you could have a pest problem, or you could be pleasantly surprised with rich dirt and a cool breeze. One day the going could be good and the next day you could hit a tree root under one of your planned beds. You just never know exactly what to plan for and mostly, you improvise. You recognize that you can’t control or fix everything but there’s always space somewhere else for you to plant.

My favorite feeling from this weekend is how nice it is to be able to pull up the remainders of last year and plant new and fragrant flowers. Some former plants, projects, goals may have deep roots that just aren’t founded in the things you want anymore and it’s beautiful to sweat and work and dig up something you’re ready to heave over the fence. It’s nice to be able to get rid of the things that just aren’t doing any good.

A leftover hole.

I’m getting ready to have talk with all of you about getting rid of the things that are clogging up your life–your garden. We all need to let go of the eyesores that are blocking our path and weed out the things that hold us back. We have to learn to fill the holes with things that are right and encouraging. If we believe in ourselves, we can start something new and fresh and…well, pretty.

So come back later for talks about minimizing your junk and moving forward. Here are some more pictures for the fans:

Marco loves smelling flowers

But then I caught him:


One Response to “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. vwsweetie2003 April 4, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Nice job! Thanks for the photos!

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