Calling All Readers: Announcing Guest Posts

15 Apr

Hi, friends and happy Friday!

Today I’m going to make a giant request of you. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I have some personal issues that are taking the forefront in my life right now and unfortunately, that means that I’m taking on projects less often and generally becoming less interesting in the realm of having things to blog about. Now, there are about fifteen of you steady readers logging on every day to read my posts and I really feel like many of you have your own journeys taking place and perhaps (I hope) you’d like to talk about it.

So, without further ado: Readers, I’m making a call for guest posts. I’m planning to slip one in about once a week which will mean that I will either keep up my usual schedule of three posts between Monday and Friday, OR, I will post four times a week when I’m really feeling perky. I’m looking for smart, funny posts about being brave everyday and doing what it takes to be the best person you can be, whatever that looks like to you. Some of you, I know, have your own businesses or arts or are just experts in being daughters, brothers, citizens and all-around good people. You can write to us about handling money or making more of it, starting a business, beauty tips, art or DIY projects, or maybe just reflective posts about telling yourself you can do it. I want you to share with us about how you’re growing as a person.

Email your posts to me. I can’t wait to read them! Try to include visual aids where appropriate or useful. I promise I’m not going to say, “that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.” I’m pretty much going to take anything. šŸ™‚

Thanks for your help and your understanding.

EDIT: Oh, hey! I forgot to give my email! It’s


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