Good Eats and Some Updates

28 Apr

Remember when I was still waiting for my blood test results a couple weeks ago? Well, turns out that in addition to a fairly common vitamin D deficiency, I have a bit of a problem with low blood sugar. My lovely doc recommended that I snack on fruit between meals and try drinking juice when I feel down which seems to keep me feeling better for most activities but exercising is still a little tough for me. I can’t really get through a whole class without shaking and feeling like I need to stop for a nap and that’s surprisingly emotional for me.

In the past couple years, I’ve made some serious commitments to my fitness and health. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve tried a few sports and even sought out a nutritionist in an attempt to find a routine that consistently makes me feel active and healthy but I’m sad to say that to date, I haven’t really found the “right” routine for me. Everything I’ve tried in the past leaves me feeling like I’m falling behind and that’s hard to handle, especially because I’m used to being really good at most things. Not to mention, I’m only twenty-three and should be in the peak of physical health and fitness. I’ve just had to learn to accept that my body has limitations and I have to let go of my pride and listen when my limbs really want to quit.

I have learned a few things that make it easier:

1. I never perform well in the morning. I usually don’t even try. I feel much more comfortable exercising in the afternoon or evening so that’s what I do.

2. I stay away from intense cardio. Since I’m not trying to lose weight, this is fine for me. I go to yoga and pilates classes and I talk to my instructors either before class or earlier in the week to see what they’re planning. Some classes have higher energy requirements than others and sometimes that’s okay but my instructors know that I may need to rest a little longer. Also, I try to target classes that are multi-level because I’ll be shown options for modifying movements to make it easier or harder at my discretion.

3. I take a couple minutes after a work out to rest and drink some juice before I drive home or take on any other activities. I sometimes feel dizzy or have trouble concentrating and this really helps.

4. On days when I go to the gym, I make sure I have enough to eat beforehand. I plan my meals and snack about an hour before I go. I also tend to drink a little more, just in case.

So if anyone knows some exercises that are hypoglycemic-friendly, I am all ears. 😀

For your information, I’m taking one of my goals off the list: “7. Get one World of Warcraft character to level 85. (Outstanding, right?)” Turns out, not so outstanding. I’ve officially uninstalled the game and rooted out what was becoming, for me, a waste of my time.

I finally picked a color for the dining room. It’s a pretty shade of greige, the new neutral color that’s sweeping the design atmosphere. I’ll have pictures on that later.

After an unsuccessful battle with the bookcase, Hubs and I handed over custody of the bookcase to my parents who are going to kindly sand and repaint the sucker for us. I could tell you why, but that would just be depressing for me.

For now, let’s move on to something that never ceases to make me happy: fried zucchini!

Every spring I start to crave the stuff and when I’ve judged the zucchini to be flavorful enough, I buy a bag full and serve it up fried at least a couple times a week. It’s a guilty pleasure that’s as delicious as it is easy and fast. It only requires about ten minutes to make and you know what you do?

Get some vegetable oil, two eggs, and any kind of bread crumbs you like. Oh, and of course, as much zucchini as you intend to serve.

My tiny counter set-up.

Slice the zucchini into sticks or little rounds. I like sticks of a certain thickness because I don’t like mine totally soggy.


Set up a station for dipping them in egg and then the bread crumbs while you let your oil heat in a pan or pot for about, oh, two minutes? Give or take depending on how much oil you have going.

I like to have a waiting station arranged too for the pieces I have ready but can’t fit in the pan. Remember that you can mix in flour if you like your fried zeggies on the bready side. I just like to give them some extra crunch so I use a pretty light and flavorful crumb mix. If you like yours this way too, they should look like this:

Plop them in the oil and let them cook each for about one minute or until they’re the right color for you. Remember if they start to sink, you should pull them out because they really don’t cook well after that. Here’s what your plate will look like if you don’t catch anything on fire.


Ugh, I want some right now. Do you have any summer favorites? You should absolutely send your cooking skills and I will post them proudly in a recipe exhibition post. Who says being a better, more whole human can’t begin with a tasty meal?


2 Responses to “Good Eats and Some Updates”

  1. Ruth May 25, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    Hi! Found you through APW. Thoroughly enjoyed your post today.

    I realize your symptoms may be hypoglycemia, because there are similarities, BUT you should also look into a condition called vaso-vagal syncope. I’ve had this since middle school, and it’s common among young thin women.

    It’s an under-diagnosed condition, to the point where none of my primary care doctors knew what was wrong, but it’s technically a heart condition so a cardiologist diagnosed me (after 8 or 9 years).

    It’s a fancy way of saying “fainting,” so I could be entirely off the mark here because you didn’t mention whether you have ever fainted before. But there’s a whole series of symptoms BEFORE fainting that are common.

    I recommend some googling. I could go on and on in my comment here and explain things, buutttt, I don’t want to be totally presumptuous about someone else’s health issues.

    If after googling you think this might be you, the key regulator is sports drinks and… exercise. Sports drinks keep electrolyte levels up, which helps combat the weird feelings and fainting. I drink sports drinks throughout my day, not just when I’m exercising. And with respect to exercise, I sympathize, because vvs makes it harder sometimes to start a routine, and I have to slowly work my way up from what feels like zero. But once I’m in shape, regular exercise helps keep the heart running better generally, meaning less fainting.

    Like I said, don’t mean to impose, but since this is so under-the-radar, and my diagnosis was basically a coincidence of factors, I really like to spread the news.

    • Intrepid Girl May 26, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

      Hi, Ruth!

      I’m glad you liked the post and don’t worry about imposing. If I didn’t want people to give me their opinions, I wouldn’t publicly write about anything.

      I’ve never fainted and while the symptoms I looked up felt familiar, I think they’re still a stretch. The sports drinks would probably help me, though! For some reason, I hadn’t thought about throwing those into my diet. Good on you for being proactive about your health. 🙂

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