The 500 Words A Day Challenge

4 May

The badge.

Hi, friends! Today I’m taking on a fairly simple pledge to write 500 words a day…outside this blog. So far this month, I’ve been writing between three and six pages a week which is kinda bad. Or at least not great. 500 words translates to around two pages a day and for six days a week, I should be pumping out material for one or two short stories a week. You know, in a perfect world. In my world, that probably makes for half a story because I self-edit so terribly much. I’m also going to start sharing bits and pieces of my writing endeavors here…but I have to tell you that my current project is pretty private so I’ll only be able to show you parts of my side projects for now.

On top of this, I’m going to attempt reading one short story or essay a day. Reading a lot is just as important to a writer as writing a lot so this is a crucial step for me.

It’s a bit of an unplanned update but I’m happy and excited and nervous to share this commitment with you. šŸ˜€ Yay?!


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