Pretty, Pretty Veggies

5 May

I’ve actually had a pretty productive week that is somehow boring to describe. Here’s what’s gone down in exciting bullet form!

  • I made good on my goal of spending more time in church/Christian activity by  having devotional time on Monday, going to church on Wednesday, and attending a day of prayer in the park today.
  • Finally watched The Green Hornet.
  • Started a book club today.
  • Bumped up my time committed to reading and writing.
  • Watched two fascinating documentaries on art/architecture.

And that’s pretty much how I define fun. Haha…okay, I’m a nerd.

Oh! But I finally planted my vegetables too! I know you’ve been dying to see them so here they are:

I planted a row of little green bellpepper plants along the front of the bed. Aren’t they cute?

And this is my red bellpepper plant planted on the side. In the back you can see another row of zucchini and cucumbers.

The zucchini need to climb as they grow so planting them by the fence was perfect. I can just tie them to the posts…and hopefully the ivy doesn’t mind neighbors.

This was all planted outside our fence becaauuusee

Marco is a flower bed monster who smells and occasionally eats things that look good to him. Including sticks and pebbles. Goomba.

There’s still a pretty good amount of space in the middle of the bed for summer veggies, too, and I’m really hoping to start some tomato plants. Last week, I didn’t pay attention to the price of tomatoes in Harris Teeter and only noticed at the register that 3 were costing me $10! Insane!


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