Good Eats: Lazy Girl’s Choco-Monkey Waffles

6 May

Happy Friday!

Today I’m going to do a rare double post here and on A Brilliant Catalog. (Incidentally initialed ABC! Love it!) Here’s my lazy girl’s recipe for chocolate chip and banana waffles.

First, gather these ingredients:

Powdered sugar (if you desire the sweet, snowy topping)
Cinnamon sugar
Chocolate chips (you can use any kind you like, I use Hershey’s Milk Chocolate)
1 Banana
A box of waffle mix
Whatever your mix requires (mine is just oil, an egg, and water)

I use this mix, which can be purchased from any Harris Teeter:

It’s simple and it makes pretty crispy waffles. If you can’t find this kind, just be sure you pick some up that is specifically a waffle mix and not a pancake/waffle mix. Pancakes and waffles should NOT taste the same. Of this, I am sure.

I add a tablespoon of cinnamon sugar to the batter because I LOVE  cinnamon sugar. I think it’s God’s gift to me and put it in everything possible…but you don’t have to. And that’s the only “improvement” I make to the box recipe.

Spray the iron with cooking oil and pour in your batter. (Remember you only need to fill the molds about 2/3 of the way.) Sprinkle in as many chocolate chips as you like and close it up. While that cooks, slice your banana (I only like a few slices for each waffle but you can go nuts) and dust the slices in cinnamon sugar. Banana+cinnamon= WIN. Get your bag of powdered sugar ready to go too. If you don’t have a shaker handy, just use a spoon to sprinkle it.

Pluck your waffles out when they’re through steaming and look nice and pretty. Top with the banana slices and dust with sugar. Oh, instead of sugar, you could probably use whip cream if you’re into that kind of thing.

All done! I usually make enough batter for three servings at a time so the process only takes about ten minutes, perfect even for a busy morning routine. The box says there’s about 9 grams of protein per 7 inch waffle so pair it with a glass of milk to keep your energy going until lunch time.



2 Responses to “Good Eats: Lazy Girl’s Choco-Monkey Waffles”

  1. Hannah May 8, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    this job in apartment therapy i read, reminds me of you so much!! it’d be the bomb if it wasn’t in nyc!!

    • Intrepid Girl May 10, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

      No way am I that swanky of a character, haha. I doubt I’m that awesome…yet.

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