Asking for Help and a Finished Bookcase

10 May

Hi, readers! Welcome back from your weekend. I had a great one celebrating a best friend’s graduation from nursing school and spending time with my mom, grandma, and mother-in-law. It was a perfect time to appreciate my inherited and chosen families. I really am a lucky girl to have life-long friends and wonderful women to guide me through life. I hope you spent some time reflecting on the women who shaped your life this weekend, too.

So weeks ago I told you that hubs and I were going to finish our bookcase project together and…well, we were finished with it by the end of that day. We didn’t predict that the paint wouldn’t go on well, even with a primer, and when we were through and went to put in the shelves, it all scraped off in an instant. Irritated and exhausted, we let my parents take it home with them the next weekend to fix the paint and along the way, my mom added a cute panel to the backing.


That’s the close-up of one shelf.

This is the whole thing, shiny and new.You can see that we still need to touch up with some white paint around the edges and we need to add our cut-outs to the corners, but otherwise, it’s basically done. My parents were so awesome to help us out and I didn’t feel bad about asking. If there’s one thing I learned from the wedding planning experience, it’s that some people are waiting for you to ask them to help and it’s okay (and even nice) to give them something to do. If you’re like me, it’s contrary to your nature to ask for help because you feel like you’re burdening someone else with your problems. It’s been hard for me to grow into, but I’ve accepted that when you’re overwhelmed, you’re really not doing anyone any favors. The people you love are there to relieve you and balance your load and that can open you up to work on more constructive things. It can help you focus on and contribute to your community and family in healthier ways. So, let someone help. You know, every now and then.

Anyway, if you’re working on a similar project, here are my tips:

If you’re working on a cheap-o laminated bookcase like mine, sand down the areas you want to paint before spraying them. Even primer can’t make the paint cling to that coating. You absolutely must sand first.

Spray adhesive is the best way to make your material/paper lay against the shelves. I tried stapling it all first and it was still a little more loose than I liked because the surfaces are so slick.

Or, buy an actual wooden shelf if you can. It’ll be a dozen times easier to work with if you can afford it.

Here’s the almost finished product:

Not bad, right?

Thanks Mom and Dad. šŸ™‚


One Response to “Asking for Help and a Finished Bookcase”

  1. Dori Fraser May 10, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    I love it you did a great job picking out the colors. Try to use some paint thinner on the edges (finger nail polish remover might work) before you touch up the paint. It looks great with all your books on it and adds a homey touch. Great job Boo!

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