If At First You Don’t Succeed

8 Jun

Morning, readers! Today is all updates leading up to a couple more posts this week so hang with me while I talk about doubt and trying again…and again…and sometimes again.

First, last week this blog broke 1,000 views! Hooray! It’s not a tremendous amount of readership but it’s a personal best. I can’t think of anything else I’ve written having that many reads so pause with me while I soak in that, admittedly unimpressive, accomplishment.

Kay! So this week has been a bit busier than usual– you know, by my unemployed-home-for-seventy-five-percent-of-the-day standards. Hubs and I visited my family this weekend where I got to break from Southern Pines-world and meet with an old friend from my hometown. At times it’s jarring to me that I don’t share the same closeness with some of my friends as before married life. Not that I would say we’ve drifted apart, but that it’s hard for me to describe what I do in my new life. If I say I went for tea, I describe the cafe because we no longer share the same coffee shops. If I say I’ve been meeting new friends at church, I feel the need to talk about the place and our choices and what those people are like because we don’t run in the same circles. It’s not a bad thing and sometimes it makes a friendship more interesting. You get to be completely surprised when you share a similar experience in totally separate ways.

But then there are people that I’ve truly lost touch with and suddenly wish that I hadn’t. I remember past moments when I told myself I wanted to be friends with him/her forever and I feel a pang of loss that I have to stop and mourn. Some of those losses are okay or even good and some make me feel like I’ve really messed up and my life will be less full because of it.

Anyway, then we came home and I spent most of Monday doing a deep clean that I’ve slipped into doing twice a week. Usually on Mondays and Fridays, I turn everything upside-down so I won’t have to take any of the quality time from our weekend to clean. That night I picked up some steaks to grill and we had a tiny date night while we finished watching some movies I rented on Sunday. Then at 9:50 we raced to the Blockbuster drop-off to avoid a late fee and slipped them in with two minutes to spare. Fun!

But the real news is that I’m officially trying my hand at growing vegetables again. It’s a little late for the ones we planted outside but since we have a handy-dandy sunroom, we decided it was still a good time to plant tomatoes in pots. My parents graciously donated the materials so we have some completely free food growing in our laundry room.


Those are the cherry tomatoes. Aren’t they cute? We also have Roma tomatoes and a couple other, bigger species. I’ll probably have to stake the smaller ones and the bigger ones are already in cages but will need to be staked soon too.

And while I was shopping for potting mix, I decided to shop for ingredients for homemade dog treats. I snatched a simple recipe from the net that only needed oatmeal, whole wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, fresh mint and parsley, and garlic. No one had fresh parsley but I finally found the mint in Fresh Market and everything else was readily available. Got some cute cookie cutters from Wal-mart and a rolling pin.

What I forgot about this recipe is that it would be more like making bread than mixing brownies so I would say I was…pleasantly annoyed when I remembered that I would have to knead and roll the dough. Looking around, I decided that the dining table was the only suitable surface in the house so I cleared and washed it and then dragged out the memories of mom and grandma making breads and desserts to learn how to knead. At the end of the day, I had twenty treats and some dough left over which I froze. (I think you can do that.) They feel and break a lot like a sugar cookie–kinda hard but soft in the middle.


The parsley and mint in this recipe help with breath and also upset tummies while the garlic aids in flea prevention. Pretty nifty right? Since the materials were really cheap and will last for a few batches, a bag of twenty cookies only winds up costing me around $2-3 a batch. I give the dogs one after each meal so this bunch will only last around 5 days. I’ll probably make a few batches this week while the mint is still fresh and freeze the rest.

Flowers for my girl and stars for my boy. See the mint and parsley?

Oh, yeah. And the dogs love them!


2 Responses to “If At First You Don’t Succeed”

  1. Dori Fraser June 8, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    I love these and I want the recipe!

  2. Angela Jackson June 8, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    Very cool. You have been quite the busy woman. I’m proud of you 🙂

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