Things I don’t like to do without Hubs

21 Jul


1. Having my car inspected, getting the oil changed, asking around for parts, and otherwise any chore pertaining to my car. Because I get the “little lady” treatment from mechanic-types and it’s frustrating.

2. Grocery shopping. Especially when I’m getting a lot because then I have to put it all on the conveyor belt and rush to the other end, swipe, and throw bags in the cart at a sweaty pace. I need a helper to swipe and put bags away while I load and organize.

3. Walking the dogs. There’s two of them and one has a neck like a tree trunk. It gets hazardous.

4. Going to church. Then your friends ask you where your husband is…which is sweet but I always fight the urge to say, “like a girl can’t go see God by herself?”

5. Renting movies. What is it with men hitting on a girl at Blockbuster?

6. Gamestop. Same situation.

7. Entering the basement. Will not do it. Ours is the kind that can only be accessed from outside via a door that’s submerged in the ground and you feel like you’re walking into the open mouth of an abyss. I will leave that entirely to Hubs.

8. Cooking. I used to cook for myself all the time when I lived alone but now I get miffed when I have to fix a sandwich. I am spoiled.

9. Going to the doctor. This is the only one that makes me feel silly and needy. The last time I went to have my toes checked (long story) he showed up and I didn’t even care that the doctor wondered why he was there. That’s just the way I like it.

10. School events and functions. Hubs has been at every one and he’s the best for that. He’s even coming to my orientation two weeks from now. Professional? I don’t care. 🙂


One Response to “Things I don’t like to do without Hubs”

  1. Ashley July 23, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    I am feeling you on #1, I was a spoiled child and my dad did all that stuff for me. I hate when people ask questions I was never raised to know about. No sir, I do not know what synthetic oil is and I don’t care, just talk to my husband!

    Love #9 & #10…Will is sweet. Hubs are great aren’t they!

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