Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cardigan; I’m a Real Nerd Too

29 Jul

So after a long week of absence and reflection, I’ve decided that it’s about time for me to live up to the title of my blog. Usually, I take excerpts from nerdy books to frame some posts now and then but that’s really about all you see of my geeky side…and there’s a reason for that. I realize that a lot of you readers just don’t have the same interest in things of, shall we say, marginal popularity. I can talk all day about some documentary I watched, a video game I played (three times in a row), an article about immortal jellyfish, photographs of space…look at me. I’m getting all watery-mouthed as we speak. I just like you guys and I kinda like having you around, so I don’t. However, I think there probably are some things that we have in common and next week is going to be a montage attempt at making nerdy cool.

Bring your pocket-protectors and lightsabers ’cause we’re going all week long.

First up, comic book movies. Necessary evils? Crimes against art? Or just good marketing? Let’s discuss.

Life lessons from Star Trek. I get it. Star Trek is only cool if JJ Abrams is directing but I’m going where you have probably never gone before.

Feminism and geekery. Why it’s hard to be in both camps and how to feel good about yourself as a woman in a world of short-skirted fetish stars.

Let’s do this!


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