The Sort-of Single Life

31 Aug

First, a couple little updates in the nesting department. My milkshake room is still working its magic on me:

Some new touches.


I’m starting to throw in the reds and pinks and so far, it’s still looking cute as it did in my head. What do you think?

We also got our bed! Yay! And I found out how much I hate Ikea. Yep.

Best $100 bed ever.


The bed is super tall. Way taller than I expected, at least. I actually have to give a little hop to get onto it but it’s lovely. I’m thinking it’s a good solution to our shoe storage problem too. My next step is to find some under-bed storage that I can throw all our copious amounts of footwear into.

Now, I’ve got some good news and some bad news: Will is gone to Vegas for three months. Oh, that was both the good and the bad news.

Even though I miss him terribly sometimes, I actually really love my alone time. There’s a ton of not-so pleasant chores I have to take on now that he’s gone like taking out the trash, sending the bills, and taking the recycling to the center but there’s a lot of nice things too. I have the entire bed. Wait, actually I only have half the bed because Luca has taken over his side…but it’s still better than the third that my two bed-partners usually leave me. And the thing I’m really excited about? Cooking whatever I want!

Cooking is mostly Will’s thing. It gives him a way to unwind after work and it gives me one less thing to worry about. There’s no doubt about it; cooking can be very relaxing with all the aromas and tastes. For me, though, cooking is only something I do when I have to. I don’t actually like it and sometimes it’s even stressful to me. I can feel rushed and nervous about the outcome–it’s just not fun for me but I want it to be. The thing is, when it comes to food, I don’t really know what I love. That’s unusual for me. Typically I know exactly how I feel about almost everything. I eat food that’s good to me, but would I say I love eating? Not so much and it complicates things, including my health. I rarely ever feel the urge to snack between meals and that’s part of the reason I have issues with low blood sugar. I only eat when I have to, when I know it’s good for me.

So. I want to begin a love affair with food while my husband is gone. For my health and for my happiness, I want to be happier in the kitchen.


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