The Wonders of Vacation

7 Nov

You guys, I’ve been living on the very fine line between utter exhaustion and sweet victory that accompanies successfully managing your life when spread almost too thin. I love the way my life is going right now and I’ve had some refreshing breakthroughs in the past few months but it hasn’t been without work. Adjusting to a new job, pouncing all over grad school (and owning it!), running a household and keeping two dogs happy all without my favorite person in the world coming home every day is…tiring and inspiring all at once. I feel like I must be some kind of amazing to be doing so well right now so excuse me while I give myself a little pat on the back. Also, I’m sorry that I haven’t taken time to write here in the past month but I just got back from a vacation and I feel as good as new.

Most of you, I think, know that I went to Vegas last week to spend my first anniversary with the boy. Let me just say, it was magical and exactly what I needed. It gave us much needed time to focus ourselves on each other again and think about all the things we’ve conquered, dragged each other through, or lost entirely. Being away and doing new things together gave me perspective to talk about new goals and adventures that I’d like to take on together. We woke up every day and did something different and fun and that’s kind of the magic of vacations, right? They renew your love for possibilities and give you the confidence to try things together or individually.

They’re also a bit addictive like a caffeine rush that gives you a boost and then drops you on your face a few days later. For me, it was hard to come home and settle back into my life here. I always feel like I need to be working towards a goal and after coming back from such a happy week, I felt like I had so much more work ahead of me. It wasn’t so much the school work or the job situation or any of the small things that I’ve set as goals on my list. Instead it was the big things that made me anxious. Things like finding a better place to live, in a city that’s more our speed and in a home that’s more functional for us. It also inspired some smaller improvements too, though.

Since we’re saving to travel this year, we decided it would be best to stay in our current rental home. This means we’re planning some upgrades that we wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. The first priority is our barely functional kitchen where I’m aiming to paint and add more storage. I’m currently doing some research on how to do this with a tiny budget but I’m excited for it. Who doesn’t love a challenge?

The trip to Vegas was an important milestone for us not just because we celebrated our first year together but because of what it taught us about vacations. I came away from it feeling like we should make our getaways more of a priority because not only do they give you something to look forward to, but they charge us as individuals and in our relationship. I’m ready to tackle things all over again and of course, missing my partner like never before at the same time.


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