What Makes Long Distance Seem Less Long

9 Dec

So, if I haven’t shouted about it enough, the boy is coming on Sunday and I’m psyched! For me, it signals the end of those awkward times when people ask me how I’m doing, meaning how am I doing without him home. I miss my husband in my own way but I’ve always been uncomfortable with people expecting me to publicly say something about it. The truth is that I only like to think about it on my own terms and even then, only in a positive way, like “I can’t wait to have him home so he can rub my feet.” (Hint, hint.) I don’t let myself mope about it, though, and that’s what helps me keep it together when I’m having a rough day.

If you’re in a relationship where you have to be separated kind of often, you know that you make your own routines for coping with it. If you’re new to a long distance relationship, extended or temporary, don’t stress. You’ll find your own secrets to making it work for you. In the meantime, here are a few things that really help me.

1. I take notice of the small, funny, or scary moments in my day and I remember to share them when we talk. It makes me feel like I’m including him in my day when he knows some small thing that I may not even share if he was actually home. I tell him about some awkward joke at work or something the dogs did and it’s a more complete picture of my mood and my day.

2. Obviously, it’s important to have a routine time to talk. We tend to talk at night before I go to bed but we also text each other a few times a day. Having the routine helps you prioritize each other a little easier, I’ve found. Your day starts to feel incomplete unless you’ve spoken at a certain time. Skype is pretty amazing too. Just saying.

3. I nest. Doing little things around the house for the sake of my husband and our life together keeps him on my mind and keeps that affection alive. I also things to surprise him with and that gives me butterflies when I think about him coming home. Not to mention it gives me things to do.

Most of the people I know have gone through a long distance relationship for some amount of time. Do any of you have special traditions that help you keep the relationship cheerful?



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