Hello, beautiful reader! If you’re not sure, my name’s Brytani and I started this blog because life wasn’t going the way I expected. I had a lot of plans and everything was going smoothly for so long. In May 2010, I successfully added a BFA in Creative Writing to my magic tool belt of prosperity and starting planning a wedding. In October, I married my best friend of almost five years and moved to a town I didn’t exactly love to support him in his military career. Having worked a meaningless job over the summer and finding myself suddenly jobless with few prospects, everything for me became a bittersweet experience.

I’d grown up and stumbled into a world where being a whole, fulfilled person was a daily struggle. I moped for a long time and then one day I started to work. I made a list of ways in which I wanted to better myself and systematically began to make the best of things. On my list are a few things you might recognize like sticking to a exercise routine for more than three months, training my dogs to be healthier and happier, finding a community of liked-minded people, making time to enrich my mind and spirit, and finding new talents.

This blog is about a journey (and all its diversions) to finding success, with or without a perfect checklist of life credentials. If you’re like me, your victories are small and mostly invisible to others but now, I’m joining you in massive celebration. We have won, we are winning, and we will continue to win.


Some particulars: I live in a place called Southern Pines in gorgeous North Carolina. My kids are a Mini-Aussie named Luca and a mixed breed sweetheart named Marco. My life consists of reading, writing, and playing video games. I also volunteer in my community and am a heartfelt Christian. I am currently studying library science at a nearby university.


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