The End of the Intrepid Nerd

14 Dec

Hi, reading family!

If you’re reading the title of this post and worrying that I’m not writing to you anymore, don’t. Well, okay. First, that’s kind of flattering. Second, don’t rush me, I’m getting there.

When I started this blog, it was a time filler for a girl who was spending most of her day at home, without a job, without a lot of friends because of a move to a new city, and without a way to quantify her worth. I never saw myself starting off a marriage and adulthood without so many of the things that are considered vital to doing so. I loved myself, I believed in myself, and what I wrote about were the ways that I was building my identity inside the skin of a new life that didn’t look at all as pretty as I’d imagined. In a way, it filled a lot more than just my time. You guys, my readers, were a big part of my exploration process. Because I knew I was being read, I was a little  more motivated to you know, “find myself.” (Which is such a touchy-feely expression, isn’t it? Yuck.) What I longed for all along, though, was something more collaborative because I know I’m not the only one going through this process. Chances are, this isn’t even about my age or my marriage or my degree field. I think it’s an infinite cycle that everyone goes through–this constant metamorphosis where we re-create ourselves again and again, each time hoping we’re moving further from the rough draft.

As the year has passed and things have changed in my life (things much celebrated!), my vision for what I’d like to write about has changed as well. For all it’s personal worth, this blog has lacked a certain “about-ness.” Don’t act like you haven’t noticed. I’m an eclectic person by nature and I’m always changing my mind and doing something different but I don’t find that part of my personality to be useful in blogging. Instead, I want to focus on one aspect of something very important to me: making room for a creative routine that’s vivid and consuming–addictive, even– inside a schedule that doesn’t provide a lot of inspiration.

With this in mind, beginning in January, I’m launching a new blog directed at firing up your creative passions right inside your living rooms, cubicles, office spaces, kitchens, and teeny-tiny decks. I’ll be looking at ways to ignite the imaginary sparks to spice up your artful life, even if you don’t have a job that’s particularly creative, or even if you don’t have much of a budget, or mad skills at crafts and things.  I’ll issue challenges, and each week, if you’re brave enough to answer them, I’ll post your results along with mine. We’ll network together to share funny stories and sketch scary moments. We’ll use yarn to make headdresses and old newspapers to build a mock Eiffel Tower. (Okay, I don’t know about those last two. They sound really hard.) Etcetera! But you know, mostly I’ll share some fun (or serious) projects of mine and if you feel so compelled to share yours, we’ll have a marvelous time being geniuses together.

So start looking for the new blog around New Years because, of course. I’m so excited!

Big hugs and optional kisses to all of you who have voluntarily read my ramblings so far. You’re the kindest, sweetest people alive, I promise, and I’m looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you.



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